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Lumen Cyber Monday Sale – 50% Off Subscription + Extra $100 off + Free Lumen

YES…THAT CAN MEAN A MASSIVE SAVING OF UP TO $450 (four hundred and fifty).

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Lumen Metabolism Discount

Lumen pricing starts at $/£25/month with 50% off the 12-month subscription option. These deals include the extra £/$100 with the code 5krunner  Choose the VIP package at checkout and you will also receive the Lumen device for no charge…yep! a free Lumen device.

Code 5KRUNNER. Works in addition to existing Lumen Black Friday deals.


$100 discount will appear on black friday through cyber Monday – $75 beforehand





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I’ve got an ADDITIONAL code for readers of this site. That code is 5KRUNNER and that should give you an EXTRA $30/£30 off AT ANY TIME. ie both Lumen’s offers and my code should work together. This code should work over and above any discounts Lumen offers directly.

Lumen Discount



You can get a further 10% off if you order two (ie 3 deals together in one)

Note the LUMEN SALE and the 2-for-1 deals are automatically applied in Lumen checkout. My discount code: 5KRUNNER is the only code to add manually. If another code is automatically applied then you can only enter one card at a time so choose the one that gives the biggest discount.

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Use latest code 5KRUNNER


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